Research orientation

My research situates in the fields of philosophy and higher education studies. The combination of these two has turned out to be a fruitful theme for various publications.

Within philosophy my main area has been phenomenology, especially Edmund Husserl. My main achievement has been to show how reduction, the main methodological step of phenomenological research, actually works in Husserl’s texts, cf. Research highlights.

Within higher education studies my main interest has been to widen the scope of research within this field. The history of university reaches at least a millennium into our past. The focus in higher education studies, however, has been concentrating on the time period starting from the early 1970’s, when the first institutes to study especially higher education were established, even though the long tradition of universities still has a strong influence on the concepts and practices in higher education. Higher education is now going through a period of rapid change. In this situation it is especially important to understand what elements have made Western university model so influential in the world history. In connection and addition to historical approach, I have also worked with the clarification of the main concepts of higher education studies (‘university’, ‘reflection’, ‘self’).